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Hispanic Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kahng

When it comes to rhinoplasty, Dr. Kahng’s philosophy is to provide trust, integrity, and safety to his patients while restoring nasal form and functions. He performs each surgery with artistry, subtlety, and an eye for highlighting what is most attractive about his patients’ specific facial structure.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery by CARA Plastic Surgery with Dr. Kahng

Meet Dr. David Kahng from CARA Plastic Surgery

What Rhinoplasty Can Accomplish

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Reduce the size of an overly prominent nose
  • Remove a nasal hump 
  • Achieve better projection
  • Decrease overly large nostrils 
  • Correct cosmetic issues of the nasal tip
  • Deliver an overall more balanced facial appearance
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What are the Common Characteristics?

In general, characteristics of Hispanic nasal structures include the following:

  • Thicker skin. Because Hispanic skin is often a thicker type of skin (particularly on the nose), it can make features that may have already been bothering a patient even more noticeable, such as a flat bridge or a broad tip. 
  • A bridge that is undefined. Hispanic noses tend to have nasal bridges that are more undefined and flatter.
  • A flat tip. A flat nasal tip is very common in Hispanic noses, and can make an individual seek out more projection. 
  • Wide nostrils. Because of the flat nasal tip, the nostrils of a Hispanic nose can often look very wide and open.  

What to Expect During Your Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kahng performs all of his outpatient procedures at our AAAASF-certified surgery center in the office with a board-certified anesthesiologist. Hispanic rhinoplasty procedures are done under general or intravenous anesthesia. Dr. Kahng may use either an open or closed technique for surgery, depending on your specific case and how much work needs to be done. In a closed rhinoplasty procedure, all incisions are made on the inside of the nose.

In an open rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Kahng creates an incision across the columella (the small strip of tissue that separates the nostrils), connecting the incisions inside the nose. If an open procedure is used, he will position the incision line in a manner that will heal to a nearly invisible degree.  

Sometimes grafting may be required to augment and lengthen the nasal bridge. In cases like this, Dr. Kahng may use cartilage or bone taken from the patient’s own body or a synthetic implant. In addition, the nasal tip may be sculpted to add projection and definition, and to make the nostrils look smaller. Nostril structure may also be narrowed if necessary.

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Recovery and Results

Our practice focuses on caring supervision of our patients throughout the recovery process. You will need to rest in our recovery area for a short time after your procedure, and then someone will need to drive you home. Your nose and perhaps the eye area will be swollen and bruised for up to a few weeks.

Exercise and other strenuous activities can raise the chances of bleeding, so you shouldn’t attempt these until we’ve cleared it for you. Early results from rhinoplasty are visible about two weeks following the procedure, although the final results won’t be apparent until your nose has fully healed, which may take up to one year as the swelling completely subsides.  

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Dr. Kahng: Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Los Angeles

Dr. David Kahng — a highly trained, renowned Korean plastic surgeon in Los Angeles — has dedicated his professional life to creating exquisite aesthetic enhancements of the face and body. His ability to create symmetry, harmony, and balance with state-of-the-art techniques and technology has resulted in an outstanding reputation. Furthermore, Dr. Kahng brings a unique international perspective to his practice because he lived in many different countries before coming to the U.S. This distinctive experience has given him a unique perspective when working with his diverse patient population. If you’re interested in working with Dr. Kahng, please contact us today to book your consultation. We have three convenient locations to better serve you.

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