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IV vitamins and minerals, when directly in your bloodstream, are more easily absorbed and can produce great physical improvements. Our range of IV therapy formulas provide the body with various nutrients to replenish and restore and can be appropriate treatments for various conditions, including:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hangover
  • Colds
  • Infections (bacterial or viral)
  • Flu
  • Anti-aging
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Cardiovascular health

Nutrient Absorption With Iv Therapy

As the body ages, it loses some of its capacity to absorb nutrients through the digestive system. IV nutrition administered directly to the body leads to a fast response, with more of the critical nutrients being absorbed into the blood, whether vitamins, minerals, or both. Your body is hungry for these important nutrients, and the effects of treatment are noticeable after completion. The process takes about one hour to complete, and most patients report they feel energized and healthier after treatment.

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Beauty And Glow Restored With Iv Therapy

Your body craves certain nutrients and responds quickly to IV therapy. The appropriate nutrients for your condition will be selected by interviewing you and discussing your symptoms. The various formulations have specific effects. Hydrating your skin from the inside out produces plumper, firmer, healthier skin.

Anti-inflammatory nutrients are beneficial in maintaining good health, longevity, and avoiding certain conditions. Just the hydrating effect of our formulations produces exceptional results, but the addition of vitamins and minerals makes IV therapy particularly effective.

Wellness Treatment With Iv Therapy

Keeping your immune system functioning can help you maintain health, keep your body younger, and is believed to ward off certain conditions and diseases. Immune support with IV therapy can replenish lost electrolytes and provide your body with needed vitamins. The IV application of these nutrients your body needs is far more potent and effective than taking vitamins or minerals orally. There are little-to-no side effects and the results last for several days. Don’t be surprised to see your face looking healthier and younger with the ultra-hydrating effect of IV therapy.

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Vitamin C: An Effective Anti-Inflammatory Vitamin

Vitamin C is an important nutrient with powerful anti-oxidant and immune system support qualities. Not only does a Vitamin C drip hydrate your body, but it also helps to tighten your skin and give it a lovely natural glow. Many patients report an increase in overall feelings of wellbeing and better emotional response to everyday life – particularly important if you suffer from chronic fatigue or low mood. Why not try a natural treatment that benefits your body and promotes good health?

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Boost Your Level Of Energy And Keep Your Body Healthy With Iv Therapy

While IV therapy has been in use in medical settings for many decades, it has now become a popular way to maintain a higher level of health and serve as an effective anti-aging treatment. Whether you are suffering from a minor cold, a hangover, jet lag, or you have noticed reduced energy, talk to us about our various IV therapy formulas and experience the restorative powers of these treatments.

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