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Asian people have different facial characteristics than Caucasians and Asian facial surgery requires specialized techniques. Dr. David Kahng is a plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience and a history of excellent results performing Asian face surgery in Los Angeles/Orange County.

Asian Facial Surgery Procedures

Dr. Kahng is well known for exquisite surgical technique and his excellent bedside manner. In our facility, we ensure maximum safety for our patients by performing procedures using FDA-approved devices in an AAAASF accredited facility.

We perform a range of Asian facial surgery procedures using techniques specifically designed to enhance Asian anatomy. Our skilled plastic surgeons are able to improve facial appearance with harmony and balance while preserving cultural identity and avoiding an overly Westernized look.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is the second most common cosmetic procedure among Asian people. Typical aesthetic goals for an Asian nose job in Los Angeles/Orange County are to:

  • Create a contoured, aesthetically pleasing higher nasal bridge
  • Alter the nasal tip for greater projection and definition
  • Reduce the width and flare of the nostrils

Asian nose surgery differs from Caucasian nose surgery in significant ways. In many Caucasian nose surgery patients, the nose is too large with too much projection and requires surgical reduction.

The Asian nose, on the other hand, may appear too small, too flat, or button-shaped – cosmetic issues that require augmentation to correct.

For the Asian rhinoplasty, Dr. Kahng individualizes each nose surgery. A silicone implant or a rib is used to augment the nasal bridge. Osteotomies (breaking of the side of the nose) are only done when it is necessary and determined by Dr. Kahng during the consultation. Cartilage is used to reposition and reshape the tip along with Alloderm when necessary. Unlike non-Asian rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty is often done as an open procedure. If patients have difficulty breathing, Dr. Kahng can also perform corrective breathing surgery at the same time doing a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Asian Facelift

Cara 3D facelift surgery addressed each individual patient’s face independent of the ethnic background. Dr. Kahng believes in establishing a natural and not overdone facelift look. Asian patients have the same signs of aging as non-Asian patients, such as the nasojugal fold, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, jowls, and central neck excess skin and fullness. Asians also tend to have high cheekbones and big cheeks so it is important not to add additional volume to those areas. Asian patients also tend to have thinner SMAS muscles and thicker skin than non-Asians.

Dr. Kahng understands these differences in Asian facial anatomy and aesthetics and tailors the surgery to each individual patient and provides individual recommendations during the consultation such as using the SMAS to create more volume or remove part of the SMAS to reduce the size of the facial volume, or adding fat back into the facial compartments to re-establish a 3 dimensional contour and restore a more youthful appearance.

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Benefits of Asian Facial Surgery

Asian face surgery in Los Angeles/Orange County can improve facial appearance and boost self-esteem. At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, Dr. David Kahng is highly skilled in creating subtle cosmetic changes that enhance the inherent beauty of Asian patients while preserving cultural identity. Depending on your cosmetic goals and the specific procedure performed, Asian facial surgery can create:

  • Natural-looking double eyelid creases
  • Eyes that appear more open, bright, and well-rested
  • More pronounced nose in better balance with facial features
  • More defined nasal bridge
  • Refined nasal tip
  • More youthful and attractive facial contours
  • Firmer, smoother neck and more defined, firm jawline

Each patient is different, and has a unique anatomy and individual aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kahng at our Los Angeles/Orange County facility. After a one-on-one conversation and careful evaluation, he can tailor an individual Asian facial surgery plan for you.

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