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While many women in America want larger breasts, women with overly large breasts may want to achieve the opposite result. Breasts that are too large in proportion to the rest of the body can detract from a graceful silhouette, draw unwanted attention, lower self-confidence, and cause a range of health issues such as neck and back pain.

Overlarge Breasts Resolved with Breast Reduction Surgery

At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles and Orange County, Dr. David Kahng performs breast reduction surgery to alleviate the discomfort of overly large breasts and leave you with beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Kahng is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who is dedicated to surgical excellence and warm, personalized care. Breast reduction surgery is an important procedure he is honored to perform for women who are suffering from overly large, weighed down or heavy breasts who would like to have a lighter, perkier and more aesthetically pleasing breast appearance, and ultimately, a better quality of life.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Technically known as mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is a procedure to reduce the size of the breasts and improve the quality of life of the patient. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) places breast reduction in the category of reconstructive (not cosmetic) surgery, as it is performed to correct a physical problem--breasts that are too big or out of proportion with the rest of the figure, causing issues with the back, shoulders and neck, posture problems, difficulty exercising and more.

In this procedure, the surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to create a breast size in proportion and balance with your body. This can alleviate health issues and discomfort associated with overly large breasts. Breast reduction can also produce dramatic aesthetic benefits along with improved confidence and self-esteem.

Reasons to Have Breast Reduction

Women who have large breasts in proportion to a smaller frame often experience a range of problems that can be corrected or alleviated with breast reduction. Emotionally, confidence and self esteem can wane, as a woman whose breasts are pendulous and hanging can feel her breasts are not attractive. Problems with overly large breasts including the following issues:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain from supporting the weight of the breasts
  • Grooves in the shoulders from heavy breasts pulling down on the bra straps
  • Poor posture from the weight of the breasts on the chest
  • Skin rashes and irritation on the underside of the breasts
  • Sagging caused by gravity and the extra weight of the breasts
  • Limitations on physical activities, including exercise
  • Unwanted attention from the opposite sex
  • Difficulty finding bras and clothes to fit correctly

Breast reduction can also produce significant cosmetic benefits. It can improve the size, shape, and appearance of overly large breasts, correct asymmetry, and create a more appealing, aesthetically pleasing physique.

Breast Reduction Procedure

As a first step, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Kahng. During this time he will address any questions and explain the procedure in detail. He will examine your breasts and discuss your medical history, goals for the surgery and vision for your breasts.

Once the surgery itself begins, you will be put under general anesthesia. Dr. Kahng will make precise, carefully-placed incisions, most commonly around the areola. However, based on each unique case the incisions may need to include a vertical line down to the breast crease. In some cases a further incision will be made across the fold hidden in the breast crease.

When the incisions are made, Dr. Kahng will work through the incisions to remove excess fat, tissue and skin. This reduces the size of the breast to what you envisioned with him during your consultation. Dr. Kahng will then lift and reshape the breasts into a higher, more aesthetically pleasing form. He will then reposition the nipples so that they point upward, creating a further lifted, perkier look. Sutures will be layered deep within the tissue to support newly sculpted breasts and to close the incisions.

What to Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Patients will need to take a couple of weeks off from work or other activities to rest and recover from the procedure. Your upper body will be swollen and tender. While at home, you will need help with most activities such as shopping, housework or taking care of your children. It is important to allow your body to relax and recover, so be sure to get the help you need during this time. Do not drive until it’s no longer too painful to wear a seatbelt across your chest.

Avoid stretching and rigorous exercise for up to six weeks after the operation. You will be completely recovered in about eight weeks. At that point, your smaller, lifted and beautiful breasts can be fully enjoyed, giving you a new quality of life and a lighter, more balanced physique.

Breast Reduction Surgery Benefits

There are a number of benefits for breast reduction surgery, even aside from the significant cosmetic benefits. This surgery can be life changing for women who have dealt with a very large, unwanted breast size, and who have felt limited, self conscious, or otherwise unhappy due to their breast size. Women who receive this procedure can enjoy:

  • Relief from back and neck pain
  • An easier experience finding bras and swimsuits that fit well
  • Greater ease in running and exercise
  • Improved confidence
  • A lighter physique
  • Improved size, shape, and appearance of overly large breasts
  • A more appealing, aesthetically pleasing physique
  • A more youthful and sculpted profile

Who is a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Those who would like to reduce the size of large, pendulous breasts that they don’t find attractive or appealing, or that weigh them down and impede activity, may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Women with overly large breasts who would like breast reduction surgery should meet the following criteria:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations about what this surgery can do
  • Are bothered by feeling their breasts are too large
  • Have a breast size that limits physical exercise or activity
  • Experience back, neck and shoulder pain that is caused by the weight of the breasts

Why Choose Cara Plastic Surgery For a Breast Reduction?

If you are considering breast reduction in Orange County or Los Angeles, schedule a consultation at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center with Dr. David Kahng. Dr. Kahng is well known for his exquisite surgical technique and exceptional bedside manner. He can help determine if you are a good candidate for breast reduction, and from there design a surgical plan that produces the perfect size and shape for your anatomy.

Dr. David Kahng is a highly-accomplished breast surgeon who takes the time to help his patients feel fully prepared for their breast reduction surgery. His experience and expertise with breast surgery make him one of the most trusted surgeons by women when it comes to ensuring a pleasing, aesthetic feminine appearance. He is honored to help women achieve their aesthetic and physical goals with breast reduction surgery.


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