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Becoming a mother is a joyful, rewarding experience, but it can take a terrible toll on the body. Many new mothers struggle with the changes pregnancy and breastfeeding can bring. At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles/Orange County, Dr. David Kahng performs mommy makeovers with artistry and skill to help you restore the firm, youthful look to your body after childbearing.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures to reshape and contour the body after a woman have given birth, either once or multiple times. It addresses post-pregnancy cosmetic issues, often in a single-session surgery. Although Dr. Kahng custom tailors a mommy makeover to each individual patient, treatment usually addresses pregnancy-related changes to the belly and breasts, as well as stubborn fat deposits that often remain after pregnancy.

Benefits of a for a Mommy Makeover?

Not all women experience the same problems after pregnancy and childbearing. You may be a good candidate for a mommy makeover if:

  • Your breasts are sagging and have lost volume
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical (uneven in size)
  • Your breasts are out of proportion to the rest of your body
  • Your areolas are larger and appear stretched
  • You have stretch marks on your tummy, breasts, or other areas
  • You have loose, excess skin in the abdominal area
  • You have stubborn deposits of excess fat in the midsection, thighs, hips, or other areas

Mommy Makeover Procedures

After bringing a child into the world, you deserve to get your body back. A mommy makeover can be combined with additional cosmetic procedures to boost your confidence and self-esteem, including skin tighteners, cellulite treatment, and stretch mark treatments.

Procedures typically part of a customized mommy makeover include:

Tummy tuck

Pregnancy puts a great deal of stress on the midsection. It can leave you with loose, hanging skin and weakened abdominal muscles or split muscles that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. In a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon removes excess fat and skin from the belly and tightens weak abdominal muscles to create a flatter, firmer, smoother tummy.

Breast enhancement

Motherhood can have drastic effects on the breasts. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the breasts to become larger (and fluctuate in size in the case of breastfeeding). When it’s over and hormones decrease, the breast tissue deflates, leaving your breasts looking saggy and old.

After pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, many women are dismayed to find that their once beautiful breasts have lost volume and now droop and hang. Breast enhancement procedures (breast lift and/or breast augmentation with implants) can restore fullness and a perkier, more youthful appearance to the breasts.

Fat removal

Liposuction is often performed in combination with a tummy tuck and breast enhancement in a mommy makeover. It can add definition to the abdomen and accentuate the waist so that it blends naturally with the new firmer, flatter belly. Trimming the waist and flanks can also complement a fuller, higher breast profile created with breast enhancement procedures.

If you would like to reclaim your body after becoming a mother, schedule a consultation with Dr. David Kahng at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Kahng is well known for his exquisite surgical technique and exceptional bedside manner. He can tailor a mommy makeover surgical plan specifically for you.

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