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It is not always possible to achieve a shapely derriere with diet and exercise alone. At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles, Dr. David Kahng performs gluteal implant procedures to uplift, reshape, and enhance the buttocks.

Reasons To Have Gluteal Implants

Augmentation with gluteal implants can create a shapelier, uplifted look to your buttocks. You may consider gluteal implants if:

  • Your buttocks are too small in proportion to the rest of your body
  • Your buttocks are too small in proportion to the rest of your body
  • You want a curvier, more youthful appearance
  • Weight loss or aging has left your buttocks flat, loose, or sagging
  • It is difficult to find clothes and swimwear to fit because of the shape and size of your buttocks
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Procedure For Placing Gluteal Implants

Treatment with gluteal implants is designed to correct flat, poorly defined, or buttocks that are too small. This procedure may be more appropriate than fat transfer in patients who have limited fatty tissue. Anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The surgeon places a soft, shaped silicone implant through an incision. The implant is positioned in a pocket created below the gluteal muscle and above the pelvic bone and the incision is closed with sutures.

What To Expect After A Gluteal Implant Procedure

You will need to wear a support garment for a few weeks after your gluteal implants are placed to help the skin heal properly and provide support for your newly enhanced buttocks. Final results are visible approximately three months after the procedure, when swelling has subsided and the implants have settled into a normal position.

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Gluteal Implant Options

Similar to breast implants, gluteal implants allow patients a variety of options. Choices include:

  • Implant size
  • Implant shape: (round or oval)
  • Implant type (solid silicone or cohesive silicone gel-filled)
  • Implant surface (smooth or textured)

Another important decision in this procedure is incision location. Gluteal implant incisions are placed:

  • On both sides of the upper buttocks toward the top;
  • In the gluteal creases toward the bottom of the buttocks; or
  • Vertically down the center of the sacrum in the crease of the buttocks

Gluteal implants are mainly used to augment the upper buttocks and the upper portion of the mid buttocks. After an in-depth consultation and careful evaluation of your anatomy, Dr. Kahng can tailor a gluteal implant surgical plan specifically for you.

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Benefits Of Gluteal Implants

Fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift) is not an option for patients with very little excess body fat. Gluteal implants are an option that provides a natural look and feel, as the implants are covered by natural muscle. Buttocks augmentation with gluteal implants in Orange County can help create:

  • Shapelier, more proportionate body
  • Firmer, rounder, perkier buttocks
  • More youthful, curvaceous appearance
  • Better fitting clothes and swimwear

To learn more about gluteal implants and find out if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. David Kahng at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center.

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