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Real Patient Reviews

  • Marlee F.


    I am so grateful to have gotten my surgery with Dr. Kahng. Many people don't like to admit that they've gotten surgery, but I think Dr. Kahng did such a great job that he deserves a good and honest review (with pictures) about his capabilities as a surgeon.

  • Damesha F.


    I am so glad I discovered Cara Plastic surgery and laser. The office is beautiful and easy to find. My results are beyond amazing! I had Restylane added to my under eye area to increase volume and fullness.

  • Kandee J.


    After losing 85 lbs I went to go see Dr.Kahng for a consultation, The moment i walked into the Los Angeles office the staff was so welcoming and the facility is super clean!just by the warm welcoming by the staff i knew this was it!!

  • Hemi K.


    I was so excited to find this place for my skin concern. I have some dark spots on my face and wanted to get rid of them. Alice- she is my nurse and she is such a sweetheart.

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Asian Plastic Surgery

Dr. Kahng is known as a premier plastic surgeon for Asian rhinoplasty. Patients come to us to refine the nose structure and create a more balanced, harmonious facial appearance. What is the perfect nose – for you? The Asian facial structure can be subtly enhanced with a carefully-performed, delicate surgical procedure for greater beauty and refinement.

Asian Plastic Surgery

We no longer must live with the signs of age – modern surgical techniques make it possible to smooth, tighten, firm, and sculpt the Asian face to dramatically improve appearance, and create a more youthful, fresh look. The delicacy and care with which these procedures are performed by Dr. Khang produces an outcome that is incredibly natural and beautiful for the Korean plastic surgery Los Angeles community.

Asian Plastic Surgery

Patients come to our state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinics in Los Angeles, Koreatown, and Orange County due to our high-level skills in Asian eyelid surgery. A delicate surgical technique can help you create the beautiful double fold and leave your eyes looking more attractive, open, and appealing. This skill and attention to detail has made him one of the premier destinations for double eyelid surgery Los Angeles has to offer.

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Medspa Botox

BOTOX injections are a popular treatment to smooth wrinkles, lines, and creases -- but the results are based upon the skills with which the product is injected. You want to maintain your natural expressiveness and facial mobility. Our attention to detail and deep understanding of facial muscle structure has brought us countless patients who want BOTOX treatments that leave them looking younger, fresher, and completely natural.


Facial Fillers

At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, we offer an array of advanced facial fillers to smooth lines and wrinkles, plump and define lips, and create more volume to produce a more beautiful facial balance and harmony. The latest generation of facial fillers we offer will be delicately injected to help you look younger, fresher, and more appealing – without surgery.


Thread Lift

Many of our patients come to us for facial rejuvenation treatments, but don’t want an invasive procedure like some double eyelid surgery Los Angeles patients need. A thread lift is minimally invasive and can create a remarkable improvement by lifting sagging skin and restoring the firm, fresh facial appearance that is so attractive and appealing. Your facial skin continues to improve in firmness and quality as natural collagen growth is stimulated after the procedure. The results are instant and improve with time as your skin regenerates naturally.


Laser Resurfacing

The latest generation laser treatment systems used by Dr. Kahng can produce an amazing improvement in skin tone, texture, smoothness, and firmness. These various laser systems are used singly, or in combination, to help our patients restore a more youthful, fresh look, clear and smoothed. Even the most delicate facial areas can be restored and rejuvenated, including around the lips and eyes.


IV Therapy

Our array of IV vitamin therapy drips can replenish the vital nutrients your body craves. Super-hydrating, energizing, or immune system support is far faster with IV therapy – the exact nutrients your body needs enter your body directly through the blood stream. Our array of IV drip formulas include therapeutic ingredients available to treat chronic fatigue, hangovers, infections, colds, flu, stress, depression, migraines, and to restore your body with anti-aging formulas. This is some of the benefits of the one of the top providers of Korean plastic surgery Los Angeles has to offer.


Laser Hair Removal

Modern laser technology makes it possible to remove unwanted hair and leave your face and body smooth and beautiful. Laser hair removal can end the hours you spend waxing, plucking, or shaving, and leave your skin looking fresh and smooth for the long term. Dr. Kahng uses an advanced system developed in Asia that produces outstanding results in laser hair removal, rarely found in clinics in the USA. He stays ahead of the curve in the latest developments in laser technology to benefit his patients.



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