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Scars are a natural result of the body’s healing process, but that doesn’t make them more aesthetically desirable. To treat unsightly scars from surgery, injury, acne, and other causes, our plastic surgeons perform scar reconstruction procedures at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles.

What Is Scar Reconstruction?

Scar revision surgery, also known as scar reconstruction, is performed to minimize the appearance of scars so they are less conspicuous. While scars cannot be removed completely, the goal of reconstruction is to make them better blend with surrounding skin tone and texture.

Different Treatment for Different Scar Types

Severity of scarring is determined by several different factors, including:

  • Size and depth of the wound
  • Blood supply to the injury
  • Color of the skin
  • Thickness of the skin
  • Direction of the scar
  • Ethnicity

The technique used in scar reconstruction surgery will depend on several factors, including the type, location, and severity of the scar.

Different Treatment for Different Scar Types

These appear as a puckered, thick cluster of scar tissue growing beyond the edges of a wound or surgical incision. Keloids are usually red, or darker than the surrounding tissue. They are most commonly found on the earlobes, on the shoulders, or over the breastbone and appear more frequently in darker skinned people.

When treating keloids surgically, the scar tissue may be excised (cut out) and the wound closed with layers of sutures. This is typically performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia.

Different Treatment for Different Scar Types

This type of scar is also thick and red, but it remains within the boundaries of the wound or incision. Hypertrophic scars may improve on their own over time, or with steroid treatments.

To surgically improve hypertrophic scars, the surgeon removes excess scar tissue and may reposition an incision so that it heals less visibly. Depending on the location of the scar and doctor and patient preferences, this procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Different Treatment for Different Scar Types

Burns and injuries that cause loss of a large area of skin can form contractures. The scar pulls the edges of the skin together, which may affect muscles and tendons and restrict normal movement.

In this case, scar reconstruction may involve excising and replacing the scar with a skin graft. Another option is Z-plasty – a procedure in which the scar is repositioned to be less noticeable and the tension caused by contracture is relieved.

Different Treatment for Different Scar Types

Several non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as dermabrasion, can be used to soften facial scars. A surgical approach is to cut the scar out and close the incision with tiny sutures to leave a thinner scar that is less noticeable.

Scar Reconstruction when Other Treatments Fail

If you have unsightly scarring, the procedure performed to correct it will depend on the severity, location, and type of scarring. When steroid injections and other treatments fail, surgery may be your best option to improve the appearance of a scar. After a consultation at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Orange County, we can recommend a scar reconstruction treatment for you.


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