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What is Gold PTT?

Gold PTT, or Gold Photothermal Therapy, is an FDA-approved treatment for acne that uses specially-treated gold nanoparticles to convert energy from a laser into thermal, or heat energy, which is then used to treat overactive oil glands in the skin that cause acne. These oil glands in the skin are called sebaceous glands, and they cover almost the entire skin surface. Sebaceous glands are usually attached to tiny hair follicles, and they are the most concentrated and the largest in the face and scalp. The oil that sebaceous glands produce is called sebum, which is important for skin health. However, overactive sebaceous glands are a major cause of acne. Gold PTT targets and treats these overactive glands to greatly reduce acne.

How Does Gold PTT Work?

Gold PTT uses photothermal therapy, which is a type of light therapy that utilizes lasers to penetrate deeper into the skin than other treatments and is also more gentle on the skin.

Gold nanoparticles, designed to stick to the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, are applied to the skin. The nanoparticles are then delivered into the hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the face using ultrasound technology.

From that point, a specialized laser is used to stimulate the gold nanoparticles in the sebaceous glands, which heats the glands without damaging the surrounding tissue. The heat permanently reduces the glands’ ability to secrete sebum. The heat also kills acne bacteria in the follicles.

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Benefits with Gold PTT

Gold PTT offers outstanding benefits for patients who have suffered from acne. Many people have tried many different techniques and treatments to resolve their acne, but have found that nothing seems to work. Gold PTT treatments can be life changing for patients because Gold PTT provides such significant benefits. The benefits of Gold PTT are as follows:

  • Reduced pore size
  • Highly localized treatment
  • Short treatment time
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • Deeply cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Clears up clogged pores
  • Reduces bacteria-causing acne
  • Targeted treatment that affects only the sebum glands
  • Deeply penetrating treatment
  • Provides new, healthy skin in addition to reducing acne
  • Comfortable treatment that requires no anesthesia
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Results after Gold PTT

Gold PTT provides extremely effective results, but has no side effects or recovery period. You will be able to notice some initial results after your first treatment. However, the results are expected to improve with subsequent sessions. Multiple sessions may be required for more persistent acne cases. Each Gold PTT treatment is 45 minutes long.

For ideal results, we recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks for 5-10 sessions, until the acne condition eases. In addition to effectively treating acne, the PTT energy stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin, which triggers collagen production. Collagen helps to rebuild healthy, firm, and elastic skin.

Who is a Candidate for Gold PTT Treatment?

Patients who are suffering from acne or who have frequent acne breakouts are likely candidates for Gold PTT treatments. However, a personal consultation with Dr. Kahng is the best way to be certain whether you’re an ideal candidate for Gold PTT candidates. Dr. Kahng will examine your skin and assess your condition to determine if Gold PTT is the best treatment for your specific needs.

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Why choose Dr. Kahng for my Gold PTT treatments?

Dr. David Kahng is a top Los Angeles plastic surgeon who has dedicated his professional life to helping patients enhance their skin, face, and body. Due to his expertise, experience, and authority, he has earned an outstanding reputation in the Korean Plastic Surgery Los Angeles field of practice. Dr. Kahng seeks out and uses the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques to provide outstanding results. That’s why he uses Gold PTT treatments to successfully help patients reduce and treat acne. If you are interested in learning more about Gold PTT treatments to resolve your acne concerns, please contact us for a consultation.

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