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Asian Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kahng

At Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles and Orange County, Dr. David Kahng is among the top providers of Asian rhinoplasty Los Angeles has to offer, bringing balance, harmony, and beauty to the entire face.

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Dr. David Kahng is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles & Orange County area.

Beauty is power. Dr. David Kahng, a premier Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has dedicated his professional life to creating exquisite aesthetic enhancements of face and body. His ability to create symmetry, harmony, and balance with state-of-the-art techniques and technology has resulted in an outstanding reputation in the Korean Plastic Surgery Los Angeles field of practice.

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Dr. Khang Overview
"Redefining Beauty" David Kahng, MD
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Dr. David Kahng is a plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles & Orange County area.

Our philosophy is that performing delicate surgical procedures can enhance the beauty of your features. We believe that every patient deserves a customized cosmetic surgery plan. Dr. Kahng takes the time needed for each patient, and is known for his honesty, integrity, and impressive surgical skills. Learn how Dr. Kahng can assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals.

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Dr. Khang Philosophy
"Redefining Beauty" David Kahng, MD
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Dr. David Kahng is a plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles & Orange County area.

Patient safety is managed with the utmost attention to detail at our Los Angeles, Koreatown, and Orange County clinics. From our state-of-the-art AAAASF certified surgery centers to our highly trained professional staff, you can trust us to care for your health and safety as we would members of our own families. Learn how we prioritize safety by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

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Dr. Khang Safety
"Redefining Beauty" David Kahng, MD
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“Environment is calming, relaxing, and welcoming”

by Yidan S.

Environment is calming, relaxing, and welcoming. The staff were patient and gave me professional suggestions on how to improve my skin condition. I was nervous before walking in but felt very much released after leaving the place. 10/10 recommend for those who don't have lots of experience in facial cosmetics.

Yidan S.
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“This place was so awesome.”

by Gigi K.

I talked to many surgeons before going to CARA. This place was so awesome. Came here for laser treatment for dark spot and it was healing well. Service were good. I was happy about it. Will return here next time.

Gigi K.
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“The whole process was wonderful”

by Chloe H.

Had a breast augmentation done here by Dr Kahng who is an excellent surgeon. put me completely at ease and gave me amazing results, better than i ever hoped for! The whole process was wonderful and i felt myself under-care the female nurse(can't remember her name) was great and kind! Would highly recommend!

Chloe H.
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“Dr. Kahng is by far the best of the best!”

by Gabby M.

The BEST Plastic Surgeon in LA! Trustworthy, high level skill set. Dr. knows exactly how to address the problem areas, amazing results. Extremely professional Dr. Kahng is by far the best of the best!!! Additionally his team is super friendly and welcoming. I will return for other enhancements.

Gabby M.
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“I'm so happy with my results!”

by Mary S.

I had breast augmentation and brachioplasty, I looked around and found Dr Khang. I was nervous about going to Los Angeles for surgery, but I'm so happy with my results. I would drive 4 hrs again. Office is super clean and professional. Staff is super friendly but Maritsa was my comfort their, she is so sweet.

Mary S.
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“Results are great & I'm fully recovered”

by Michael G.

Dr Kahng is very helpful so as the consultant, I came in with zero knowledge for gynecomastia. They gave me information on the surgery, recovery and made things so much easier. Came in for surgery 4 weeks ago, results are great im fully recovered. Thanks to Dr Kahng, nursing team and consultant for the help.

Michael G.
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“I am so happy with the result!”

by Birdie M.

I am so grateful to Dr. Kahng and all the wonderful staff. They are so kind, so helpful, so thoughtful. My procedures are done efficiently and effectively. I am so happy with the result!

Birdie M.
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Benefits of Asian Rhinoplasty

As performed by our skilled plastic surgeons at Cara Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Los Angeles or Orange County, an Asian rhinoplasty procedure can:

  • Balance and refine the nasal structure
  • Make the nose more defined
  • Improve the length and shape of the nasal tip
  • Correct a flat appearance of the nose
  • Enhance and improve definition of the bridge
  • Improve breathing (when a deviated septum is corrected)
  • Dramatically enhance overall facial appearance
  • Boost self-esteem
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What Makes Asian Rhinoplasty Such a Popular Procedure? 

The goal for our Asian rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients is to sculpt and refine nasal structure to create a nose that blends perfectly with your unique brow, eyes, cheekbones, and mouth. Asian patients generally have a wider face and the nasal bridge tends to be shallow and flat, which makes the face appear even wider. 

Asian faces may have an underdeveloped middle portion, which can create the appearance of flatness. If this midface is significantly underdeveloped, then facial bone surgery is necessary; however, mild Asian rhinoplasty (along with pyriform implants) can be performed to correct any midface retrusion.

What Cosmetic Issues Does Asian Rhinoplasty Address? 

Asian rhinoplasty techniques can correct several common cosmetic issues with the nose and bring more balance to the facial features, including:

Bridge of the Nose

To address an underdeveloped nasal bridge, grafting or implants can be used to elevate the area and improve the flat, wide appearance. These implants consist of a silicone shell that is filled with sterile saline solution. Saline implants can be filled after they are placed to allow for minor modifications in size after the procedure and smaller surgical incisions.

Nasal Tip

Because an Asian nose often has weak underlying cartilage and thick skin at the nasal tip, Asian nose surgery often involves increasing the projection and length of the tip. This is accomplished using cartilage grafts to build up the tip. They are placed to provide structural support and long-lasting results.


Nostrils vary widely among Asian patients, but very few require nostril narrowing. However, some patients will want to address their large, wide-set nostrils. Nostril structure may be narrowed when necessary, but in many cases, the nostrils narrow on their own when improvements are made to the tip cartilage.

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Facial Harmony with Asian Rhinoplasty

In Asian rhinoplasty, the nose is typically restructured between the bridge and the tip. The procedure generally involves enlarging and lengthening the nose to balance the width of the face and complement the distance between the eyes. This surgery may also add definition and shape to the nasal tip — a crucial aspect in nose appearance and shape.

For Los Angeles Asian rhinoplasty patients, a less-defined nose with a slightly rounded tip may be recommended to preserve a natural ethnic appearance. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” ideal Asian nose. The purpose of the procedure is to enhance the features of the individual patient in a manner that enhances overall facial appearance.

By improving the shape and proportions of the nose, our plastic surgeon can correct any imbalance of the facial features. When performed with artistry and skill, a nose job can dramatically improve overall facial harmony, leaving you with a more appealing appearance overall.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure Los Angeles 

Dr. Kahng performs all of his outpatient procedures at our AAAASF-certified surgery center in the office with a board-certified anesthesiologist. Asian rhinoplasty is performed under general or intravenous anesthesia for safety purposes. The procedure may be open or closed depending on the extent and nature of restructuring required, but the majority of these procedures are done as an open rhinoplasty for Asian patients.

  • In a closed procedure, all incisions are made inside the nose.
  • In an open procedure, an incision is made across the columella (the narrow strip of tissue separating the nostrils) connecting the incisions inside the nose. If an open procedure is used, Dr. Kahng will place the incision line for minimum visibility.

Grafting may be needed to augment and lengthen the bridge of the nose. Dr. Kahng may use cartilage or bone taken from your own body, or he may use a synthetic implant. The tip of the nose may be sculpted to add projection and definition, and to make the nostrils appear less prominent.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery by CARA Plastic Surgery with Dr. Kahng

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Tanya's Rhinoplasty Testimonial at CARA Plastic Surgery with Dr. Kahng

Book Your Asian Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kahng

If you’re interested in Asian rhinoplasty, contact CARA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kahng like many Asian Rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients have, to talk about your options. We know that you’re a unique individual with your own cosmetic goals, and that’s why we’re here to help you on your aesthetic journey. Dr. Kahng’s ability to create symmetry, harmony, and balance with state-of-the-art techniques has earned him an excellent reputation. Because he has lived in many different countries before coming to the U.S., Dr. Kahng brings a unique international perspective to his rhinoplasty procedures. Cara Plastic Surgery operates under a philosophy of providing our patients with trust, integrity, and safety while delivering an improved, natural-looking appearance.

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